Returning to School: How to Prepare

As well all know, it is hard to confidently say what the future holds when it comes to this pandemic. One of the areas with the most uncertainty is school. Many schools are deciding to not physically open at all, while some are exploring alternative precautions, including a mix of online and in-class lessons with extensive sanitizing resources and social distancing.

Staying Home

As a parent, teacher or child it’s hard to know exactly what to prepare for. That’s why we want to make sure we can help for any scenario. For those that will continue to stay at home this coming school year, we have all the supplies your child may need to keep up with their studies and activities. We’ve compiled a great collection of wholesale school kits, arts and craft supplies and activity books to keep your kids active and engaged.

Partial Return or Full In-classroom

Many schools are trying to figure out the best way to open for the new school year. That means buying the needed school supplies and taking proper safety precautions to protect both teachers and students. Buying wholesale is also going to make life a little easier when working on a budget. We want to make sure you have access to any school supplies and PPE items you need this year.

Outreach groups have started to rethink their backpack drives as well by incorporating more PPE and masks. We have PPE kits ready to go that can be packaged with our wholesale boxes for school supplies and forward backpacks.

Whatever this year ends up looking like, we want you all to know that we are here help and be a resource. If you need some extra help you can always call one of our Account Managers who can walk you through what others are doing to prepare and build the best assortment. We want to make sure everyone stays prepared and safe. 

With love Sadivin Team!